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Worldwide Experts in Security Methodologies and in Development of Security Strategies

About Us

Inoia Technology offers unmatched solutions to provide all relevant vertical markets with unparalleled protection against existing and future cyber threats. We incorporate a team of experienced professionals that have produced successful worldwide track records and are managing projects, supported by over 20 years in the Intelligence industry.


Our products, solutions, and training courses were specifically designed by our military and civil intelligence experts.  Our experts are mostly technology officers, team leaders and retired senior officers from elite technology units.


Facial Recognition

  • Autonomous AI - creates mathematical signatures that is accurate even in extreme conditions and exceptionally high dimensional space, to automatically find unique patterns for each face.

  • Outstanding techniques - unconventional state-of-the-art face recognition technology based on facial landmarks or feature extraction, that requires only 45 pixels across the face and one reference for accurate image recognition

  • Robustness - Better than 98% accuracy 1:1 and 1:N in multiple validated benchmarks, and persists in all conditions including face occlusions, various face angles, poor lighting, low quality images and infrared light.

  • Unsupervised & online learning - autonomously learn new faces to improve search results

  • Forensic Capabilities - automatically locates all previous appearances of the POI in a list of up to 1 million previous appearances (when the target person appeared before it was added as a POI to the list)


Anti-Evasive Malware Protection & Prevention

  • 90% of the new malwares use evasive techniques to bypass existing defenses. With hundreds and thousands of advanced malwares out there, security tools that rely on known Indicators of Compromise (IOC), signatures, and user behavioral models or patterns, will not detect advanced evasive malware.

  • Winner of 7 2020 Cybersecurity Gold awards, our platform is probably the only one currently capable in blocking unknown threats on systems endpoints, without relying on prior knowledge about malicious programs’ patterns or behavior.

  • Ability to block unknown threats by rendering malicious code ineffective by carefully controlling how malware “perceives” its environment.

  • Our solution addresses the widest variety of attack scenarios - the more sophisticated the threat; the easiest it is for us to detect the unknown.

  • Our active threat prevention platform includes multiple modules that reinforce each other to block unknown threats that employ different evasive techniques.

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Automated Penetration Testing

  • Our automated pentesting platform continuously conducts ethical exploits based on infrastructure vulnerabilities, to deliver prioritized threat-based weaknesses based on real pen-testing achievements.

  • Focused on the inside threat, we mimic the hacker’s attack - automating the discovery of vulnerabilities and performing ethical exploits, while ensuring an undisrupted network operation.

  • Detailed reports are produced together with proposed remediation, one step ahead of tomorrow’s malicious hacker.

  • Our pentesting conducts full reconnaissance scan to detect IP based devices and network and system vulnerabilities

  • Part of our scan includes “Black-Box” testing, searching for breaches and attack vectors within a defined address range, and “Gray-Box” testing, an advanced scenario including a defined starting point and end goal asset.

  • Our results Analysis includes reviewing the reports generated by the platform.

Third Party Risk Assessment

  • Our Platform evaluates the security posture of your third-parties, vendors, dealers, suppliers, business partners, subsidiaries, etc., to ensure that if a data breach occurs at any of them, your organization will not be affected as well.

  • We mimic how hackers operate by providing complete and comprehensive cyber posture, compliance, engagements, and continuous monitoring.

  • We manage customizable questionnaires, context-based ratings, and actionable Insights, while providing 360-degree view of your suppliers, thereby eliminating manual questionnaires, resulting in increased third parties’ cyber resilience.

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